Monday, September 11, 2006

NYT Academic Librarian Awards

The New York Times Academic Librarian Awards

The New York Times has long been committed to supporting education and access to information, qualities that are so well exemplified by libraries. The Times is pleased this year to inaugurate The New York Times Academic Librarian Awards, which will honor three librarians who are currently working in university libraries.

The Times Librarian Award recognizes those librarians whose outstanding service has enriched their libraries, institutions and communities.

Eligibility Guidelines: Eligible nominees include any librarian with a Master’s degree in library science who is currently working in a college or university library in the United States.

Nominators must be current students, faculty or staff members of accredited colleges or universities within the United States. Nominations of librarians by their family members will not be considered. Nominators are encouraged to nominate librarians who consistently demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism, knowledge and public service in the execution of their duties.

Nominations may be sent by e-mail or through the mail. Details are on the New York Times website.

Nominations for 2006 will be accepted until midnight on October 20, 2006.


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