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Call for volunteers - Academic section

The KLA Academic Library Section (ALS) is looking for volunteers to fill our 2012-13 committee rosters. By October 31, please select what three (3) committees you would be willing to volunteer for, ranking them in order of preference, and let Sean Kinder know if you are interested in serving as chair. Please include your name, e-mail, library, institution, phone number, and mailing address.

Committees of the Academic Library Section with responsibilities

Audit Committee

A. Works with Treasurer, who serves as an ex-officio committee member, to audit the books of the Section annually (usually in the summer).

B. This audit will include the following duties:

  1. Reconciles vouchers with checkbook.
  2. Reconciles check with check stubs. 
  3. Verifies deposits.
  4. Reconciles financial statements. 
C. Submits a report to either the Spring or Fall Business Meeting of the Section as     appropriate regarding the annual audit.

Awards Committee

A. Sends notice to all Section members for nominations for Outstanding Academic Librarian Award by August 1 each year.
B. Makes a recommendation for outstanding Academic Librarian Award to the Executive Committee.

C. Acknowledges immediate past chair at the Spring Business Meeting.

D. Submits a report at the Spring and Fall Business Meetings and at other times as             requested by the Chair.

Communications Committee (formerly Newsletter Committee)

A.  Gathers information of interest to the Section.

B. Publishes and distributes this information via email, Web site, and blogs to all Section members as needed, but at least twice a year.

C. Mounts updated information for committees, officers and conferences to the Academic Library Section web page and the Kentucky Library web page.

D. Submits a report at the Spring and Fall Business Meetings and at other times as requested by the Chair.

Joint Spring Conference Site Selection Committee

A. Recommends the site for the Section's Spring Meeting two years prior to the meeting date.

B. Submits the report to the Executive Committee eighteen months prior to the meeting date in  order that it may be announced to the membership one year in advance.

C. Updates the Kentucky State Park conference sites information, as well as the previous meeting sites information.

Membership Committee

A. Maintains an alphabetical record of current membership as provided by the Executive Director of KLA.

B. Directs emphasis on new member recruitment (i.e., drawing for free registration at fall and spring business meetings, new member get-togethers at Spring Conference, mentors provided,etc.

C. Submits a report at the Spring and Fall business meetings and at other times as requested by the Chair.

D. Acts as a liaison to the KLA membership committee.

E. Prepares Membership Directory as requested by Chair or Executive Committee.

Nominating Committee
A. Consists of past chair, current Chair, and one member-at-large Appointed by the Chair.

B. Nominates one candidate from the Section membership for each of the offices of Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. These will be presented to the membership at the Fall Meeting.

C. The Chair-Elect is nominated, on a rotating basis, from one of the four constituencies of the  Academic Section, in this order:

  1.  Major university (UK or UL in rotation) 
  2.  KCTCS 
  3.  Regional university 
  4.  Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges & Universities (AIKCU)

D. It is not required that the Secretary and Treasurer be from any particular constituency. However, as a courtesy and to facilitate communications, interest and maintain continuity, it is highly recommended that these offices go to the constituencies not represented by the Chair or Chair-Elect.

E. Secures in writing a statement from each candidate indicating his/her willingness to serve if elected.

 F. Submits its reports at the Section's Fall Business Meeting.

 G. Prepare the ballots, counts the ballots, and reports to the Chair the results of the election.

Professional Development Committee

A. Sends notice to all Section members for applications for professional development awards when funding has been made available by the Executive Committee.

B. Establishes guidelines and procedures for awarding professional development grant.

C. Makes a recommendation for the recipient of the professional development grant to the Executive Committee.

D. Submits a report at the Spring and Fall Business Meetings and at other times as requested by the Chair.

ACRL Committee (ALS members who are belong to ACRL are especially encouraged to volunteer)

 A. Acts as liaison between ALS/KLA and the local Chapter of ACRL in support of and in coordination with the Chair of ALS/KLA.

 B. Strengthens the relationship to ACRL.

 C. Forwards legislative actions and proposals to the KLA-list as appropriate.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to serve the Academic Library Section.

Sean Kinder
Chair, Academic Library Section, Kentucky Library Association
Western Kentucky University Libraries
Associate Professor
Humanities/Social Sciences Librarian
Office: 270.745.6339
Fax: 270.745.6413

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