Thursday, May 25, 2006

ACRL Update, Thursday, May 25, 2006

ACRL Update
Thursday, May 25, 2006

1. May 31 Deadline Extension: ACRL Intentional Teacher Program
2. Interested in representing ALA at IFLA? Act by June 9
3. New ACRL Advocacy Toolkit Available at 'Power of Personal
Persuasion' Workshop

4. New Information Literacy Standards Translations Available!

1. May 31 Deadline Extension: ACRL Intentional Teacher Program
ACRL's Institute for Information Literacy (IIL) seeks applicants
for the newest addition to its popular Immersion program,
"The Intentional Teacher: Renewal through Informed Reflection."
Acceptance to the program is competitive; the deadline
for application has been extended until May 31, 2006.

The "Intentional Teacher: Renewal through Informed Reflection"
program will be 3.5 days of learning and reflection
for academic librarians and will offer a mixture
of structured and co-constructed learning segments
such as peer discussions, individual reading and
reflection times, and participant-led communities
of practice. During the program, participants will
examine their practice through the four lenses of:
autobiography, student perspective, colleague as
resource, and research literature on teaching and
learning. Each of these lenses will be used to
look at four areas important to teaching: p
hilosophy/values, pedagogy, student impact,
and experimentation.

A faculty of nationally recognized librarians will guide the
process, create an environment for professional renewal,
provide the structure and overarching process for the program,
and offer content and information to spark new thinking.

The Intentional Teacher Program will be offered twice during
the upcoming year, and applicants can select their preferred
program dates as part of their application. Program dates are
as follows:

Fall 2006: November 30 - December 2, 2006
Spring 2006: May 3-6, 2007

Both programs will be held on the campus of the National
4-H Youth Conference Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Immersion Intentional Teacher applications must be submitted
via the online application form by Wednesday, May 31, 2006.
The application form and instructions are available at:

Complete details about the program are available at:

2. Interested in representing ALA at IFLA? Act by June 9

Would you like to represent ALA on an International Federation of
Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) section standing committee?
Now's the time to act. The biennial appointment process to represent
ALA on relevant IFLA standing committees is currently underway,
well before individuals begin serving as representatives in August
2007 for terms ending in 2011. The ACRL Board endorses candidates
for election to a number of IFLA standing committees, with the ACRL
International Relations Committee (ACRL IRC) acting in an advisory
capacity to the Board in recommending approval for appointment.
While any ACRL Section may bring forth a nominee for a relevant
standing committee, ACRL looks to the Sections below as the primary
bodies to do so. Official representation may be sought for the
following standing committees of IFLA:
-Section of University Libraries (ACRL ULS)
-Rare and Precious Books and Manuscripts (ACRL RBMS)
-Social Science Librarians (ACRL EBSS and ANSS)
-Science and Technology Libraries (ACRL STS)
-Art Libraries (ACRL Arts)

Interested ACRL members must start the process now, as these
sections will forward application materials (along with a
brief memo of justification outlining why representation
is desirable) to the ACRL IRC for discussion during the
Annual Conference. ACRL IRC will present all such
recommendations with advice to the ACRL Board. Additional
information is available on the ALA International Relations
Office Web site at

Complete guidelines on the Web
The ACRL guidelines for selection and appointment of ACRL members
to represent ALA on IFLA standing committees contain much more
detail about the process, eligibility, selection criteria, and
responsibilities. You can find them on the ACRL Web site at
, or navigate by selecting
"Guide to Policies & Procedures" from the "Quicklinks" dropdown
menu in upper right hand corner of the ACRL Web site. See Chapter 7:
Appointments and Nominations, section 7.5.

Forward your nomination materials to the appropriate ACRL unit
for the specific IFLA standing committee that you are interested
in applying for by June 9. For more information, contact the
ACRL International Relations Committee co-chairs, Heleni
Pedersoli <
> or Nicoletta Hary < >.

3. New ACRL Advocacy Toolkit Available at 'Power
of Personal Persuasion' Workshop

Saturday, June 24, 2006, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Morial
Convention Center, Room 353-355
Changes in higher education are compelling librarians
to reassess the vision, mission, and role of the academic
library; to redefine the image of the library; and to
re-position the library as a key partner within the broader
institutional community. With an enhanced understanding
of the dynamics of persuasion, academic and research
librarians can more effectively advance student learning,
increase organizational visibility, and positively influence
decisions affecting the future.

Attendees at "The Power of Personal Persuasion: Advancing
the Academic Library Agenda from the Frontlines" workshop
will receive a free copy of the new ACRL Advocacy toolkit.

Internationally recognized speaker Robert Cialdini, author
of The Power of Persuasion, will define the issue. Participants
will apply the training to their own situation during the
second half of the program using a free copy of the new ACRL
Advocacy toolkit. Dr. Cialdini will speak from 8:30 - 10 a.m.,
followed by a facilitated workshop until noon.

This workshop is sponsored by the ACRL Grassroots Library
Advocacy Presidential Task Force and co-sponsored by the
ACRL University Libraries Section (ULS).

4. New Information Literacy Standards Translations

ACRL is proud to announce four new translations of the
Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education
including the Japanese translation by Toshihiko Nozue, Eiko
Uozumi (Kwansei Gakuin University), and Seiko Kojima
(International University of Japan); the Chinese Translation
by Li Ling and Zhang Dongrong, the Farsi translation by A. H.
Ghassemi and Atifa Rawan; and the Italian translation by Alina
Renditiso, Alberto Scarinci, Cinzia Buccioni and Serafina Spielli.

These translations are available at:
Chinese Translation (PDF) (
acrlstandards/InfoLit-Chinese.pdf)Farsi Translation (PDF) (
French Translation (PDF) (
acrlstandards/InfoLIt-French.pdf)German Translation (PDF) (
Greek Translation (PDF) (
Italian Translation (
Japanese Translation (PDF) (
Spanish Translation (

ACRL seeks to expand the adoption and use of these standards,
and has received numerous requests for translations in
languages other than English. If you are interested in
translating the standards into a language not already
listed above, please contact Dawn Mueller at .


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