Monday, March 17, 2008

Murder Mystery Volunteers needed at KLA Spring Conference

Joint Spring Sections Conference, Cumberland Falls SRP, April 23 – 25

At the Thursday evening ice cream social in the park’s Blair Room facility, we will be holding a murder mystery party entitled, Honky Tonk Homicide. We need eight (8) brave souls to play character roles as possible suspects. The eight suspects or “Persons of Interest” are as follows: (NOTE: Descriptions were taken directly from the party guide Character Booklet)

#1 – Sheriff Sissy Wesson: The sexy, yet fierce and respected, sheriff of Cactus, Texas.

#2 – Rowdy Lawless: A bad boy with a short temper and a love for his bike.

#3 – Crystalline Daniels: The young, beautiful and promiscuous barmaid.

#4 – Reverend Jim Bob Eternity: The town’s beloved evangelist.

#5 – Mary Kay Eternity: The preacher’s wife, struggling for her own identity.

#6 – Dusty Diamond: The Karaoke Night host at Bubba’s Bar with big dreams of Country Western stardom.

#7 – Twyla Fleetwood: Proud owner of the Cactus Court Trailer Park and of her own personal nuclear holocaust bunker.

#8 – Carney Folk: An angry and sleazy carnival worker, passing through town.

Suspects will be questioned by the sheriff, as well as by “Investigative Teams” made up of audience members in the quest to find out who dun’it. All suspects, including Sheriff Wesson will receive a Character Booklet in advance of April 24 with tips on costuming and dialogue.

Interested? Call (606-326-2133) or email if you’d like to play a part in Honky Tonk Homicide. It’s your chance to shine as a murder mystery thespian.



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